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By aplusinsur76555540, Sep 19 2017 10:33PM

Hurricane Maria remains a category 5 storm after making landfall as a CAT 5 on the island of Dominica. Its next victim are the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. All preparations need to be rushed to completion today as impact begin on Wednesday. NHC is still forecasting Maria a strong category 4/minimal category 5 hurricane when it likely makes landfall on Puerto Rico and possible St. Croix of the USVI. Beyond this point, wind and rain will affect the northern half of Hispaniola on Thursday. Then it will take on a more northerly path as it reaches Turks and Caicos and the eastern Bahamas, still as a major hurricane. We will have another post as conditions warrant and if you need to track Maria in-depth, check out the Hurricane Tracker App at

By guest, Oct 14 2016 04:57PM

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